Sivil 3D Oy

Sivil 3d Oy was founded in early 2013, and specializes in 3D scanning services. The company is based in Jyväskylä and operates globally.

With selected partners Sivil 3d Ltd offers a very competitive and high-quality 3D scanning services.

Why Sivil 3D?


The company’s solid expertise in the field is based on experience gained on demanding as-built documentation of ships, paper machines, industrial environments, and others between 2003 and now.


The company’s unculttered organizational structure allows work to be planned flexibly based on customer needs. We do the work when and how it best suits each individual client.

Short delivery times

Our delivery times are short and exact. We quickly deliver e.g. ready 3D models of any object, regardless of size.

Modern equipment

We use state-of-the-art equipment specifically suited for 3D documentation of environments and large objects.

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