Laser scanning

Our main product is laser scanning, which can be used to obtain a digitized three-dimensional scan of just about any object. Laser scanning is the best way of documenting large, complex objects.

Laser scanning produces 3D point clouds that can often be utilized as they are in many of the most common CAD environments. In further processing, 3D models can be created based on the point clouds. This enables depiction of existing objects and their dimensioning in layout pictures, etc. We also provide other more advanced additional services based on laser scanning data.

Laser scanning can be used in device and equipment design, industrial modernization, modification design of buildings and premises, and in general 3D documentation of a wide variety of objects.

We can deliver 3D point clouds and 3D models to following cad software e.g.:

Benefits of laser scanning:

1) Eliminates risks
Laser scanning produces precise information on the location of existing pipes, e.g. at renovation sites, making it easy to plan the location of new pipes. This makes sure that old and new pipes fit together and helps you to keep on schedule.

2) Improves efficiency
Visual and exact preliminary information allows for easier design and removes uncertainties. Client do not necessarily even need to visit the site. Because even the most demanding objects can be laser-scanned, the course and schedule of the project can be planned more reliably in advance.

3) Creates additional value
Laser scanning allows for shorter schedules and reduces costs, since the new structures can be reliably manufactured to fit the old environment. Laser scanning also creates opportunities for additional products: the data can be used to make animations and actual-scale models.

Additional services

As an additional service, we will process the laser scanning data in whatever way best suits the client. For example, we can convert the point clouds for various softwares, or we can produce 3D models. We also provide other, more advanced services based on laser scanning data.

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